Hello everyone and welcome,

Here we have arrived at our very first destination for this road trip. At destination #1, we will explore the topic of “Web 2.0 and Social Media Marketing”.

So without further adjure, let’s start our very first tour!!


WEB 2.0:

In the digital marketing world, you will definitely come across a famous term known as ‘Web 2.0’. In simple words, what it really means is a combination of the following:

  • Social Media
  • User Generated Content



Social Media Marketing & Businesses:

Before we start off, let’s go through an extremely brief overview of Social Media.

Social Media; the concept of changing the way we interact, and the speed of which we distribute and pass on information in this world (Mayfield, 2008).


Now, I want to ask a question, that is “How much time do you spend on social media?”.

(Those who want to find out the latest statistics for social media use in Australia, click here)


When you think about it, it’s quite amazing as to how much time is actually spent on social media isn’t it? If you asked your parents what they did at our age but in their time, most wouldn’t know what social media was actually.

However, I won’t be discussing in detail social media for today’s tour, so for those who want to go deeper, here’s the latest Sensis Social Media Report released in June 2016

This image shows the number of users for each social media website. These numbers are seen to increase year by year

Image source


So why Social Media? Why Social Media Marketing? How important is social media for businesses really? (Saravanakumar & Lakshmi, 2012)


In today’s tour, I want to delve into a specific topic, that is how important is social media for businesses. Is it crucial for businesses to be social media present? Does it really matter whether they are on social media or not?


From the image above, we can see that businesses are starting to have a social media presence. Businesses are starting to realise and understand the need and importance to be active on social media.

 Image source


Now here, I talk about a few reasons as to why I believe businesses should be present on social media:


When you’ve got consumers who are Facebook users, and are spending approximately 12.5 hours on the website weekly, this indication may be a one way solution for businesses to earn extra income. Which means, this becomes one of the reasons as to why businesses should be present on social media. This is where your consumers are, so this is a way for you to engage with them!! It’s simple as that.

For individuals or businesses who own a Facebook page, you will be amazed at the statistics and analytical data that can be found and produced for your needs. Page Insights and a heap of  other useful data can be collected by Facebook. Demographics, location, gender, age, time and day most active are such important information that is collected for use.


Image source


Did you know that social media is potentially one of the easiest and most cost effective method to communicate with customers? The wonders of social media is amazing. You’re able to build a brand personality, relationship, bond, receive feedback and monitor trends through this fantastic use of a tool called social media.

Have you ever noticed the types of ads that appear on the right hand side of your Facebook newsfeed? Next time, start taking note, because you’ll be amazed as to the type of ads that appear. It’s not coincidental that it’s there, but it may be because you’ve recently been searching about that particular brand or product.

So what does that mean? That ultimately means that Facebook have been tracking to see what are your most recent and popular searches are, and recommend potential brands and businesses that could provide you with the product per say. I’m telling ya, they don’t just appear there for no reason. It’s tactics & strategies!!


Image source

Need another reason? …………


With almost 50% of consumers accessing social media on a daily basis, and up to 79% for those in the age group of 18 – 29 year olds, but only 31% of business’ are present on social media, those business’ who aren’t on social media risk the chances of not performing well (Sensis Report, 2015).


An interesting video worth watching :  Social Media Marketing – How it Affects Your Business


Now …… 

Think of a brand that you like, do they have any social media presence? Most of you reading this would probably answer yes right?

That’s because businesses have recognized the importance and rise of social media and online presence. With luxury brands working with Apple to create Iphone applications, and creating their own Twitter or Facebook accounts, its evident that businesses are seeing the advantages and benefits .

Where brands and consumers can communicate without any restrictions to time and location, it becomes an easy and convenient method, making it a win win situation for both sides. So once was what a one way communication has evolved towards an interactive two way communication.

Ultimately, businesses can easily create an establishing relationship, and gain exposure with their consumers through social media. Therefore businesses must start adapting an online presence if they want to continue existing in the market (Kim & Ko, 2012).



 Image source


For businesses reading this post, and are still re-evaluating thoughts on having social media presence, I’d recommend a reading which discusses 10 pieces of advice for companies who want to use social media (Kaplan & Haenlein, 2010).

Alright everyone, sadly we have now reached the end of today’s tour. I hope you all have had a lovely trip, however it is time to hop back onto the bus so we can continue onto our next stop. But just before we go, I want to ask YOU a question. If you were a business, would you have an online presence? Why or Why not? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below because I would love to hear them!

Until next time,
Destination #2 here we come!
Many Thanks,
Your Driver,


PS. If you got nothing out of my blog post, then this image below may help summarise the whole concept.


Image source



  1. Hi Teresa.

    To answer your question, I actually spend a lot of time on social media.

    That is actually quite scary, and you are correct. I just went onto my Facebook, and the ads I saw was showing me something similar to what I searched on Google just before. Oh, that is creepy.

    One of the shops that I tend to shop from has an Instagram and Facebook page, but they don’t have a Twitter page. The Instagram is quite active though, and they post on a regular basis. I quite like the Instagram page as this allows me to see what new stock has arrived instore.

    If I were a business, I would definitely be online and have some sort of social media account.

    Best Regards,


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