Firstly, massive welcome to DMTERESA …. aka Digital Marketing with Teresa.

Big warm welcome to everyone reading this!!

Now I’m not that great with introductions, so let’s just keep this short and sweet alright?!

So abit about me? As you may or may not have guessed, my name is indeed Teresa. I’m an ordinary boring fourth year university student who’s decided to study a double degree Bachelor in Health Science (Health Promotion) & Business (Marketing).

I’ve created this blog in hopes to be able to go on a journey with many others in exploring and discovering the world of digital marketing.

So in simple terms, let’s look at it in this way…….

We’ve got a bus, and I’m the driver. I hope that many of you’s would be wiling to jump on this bus with me, and be my passengers for the ride. Along the way, I’ll not only be your chauffeur, but I’ll also be your tour guide for the journey. We’ll visit different places in which I’ll introduce you to certain topics and several other exhilarating issues that occur within Digital Marketing.

Think of it as a class road trip adventure, where we’ll have lots of fun in learning, exploring, talking, discussing and brainstorming about the enormous world of marketing in its digital form.

It’ll be one hell of an adventure, but it’ll also be one of the most exciting journeys yet. So what else are we waiting for, let’s get this road trip on the go!!

Also, just before we head off to our first destination, please be aware that it is my first time being your driver and tour guide….and a first time blogger, so please do not hesitate to jump in and comment , give me some advice and steer me in the right direction even.


Many Thanks,

See you soon,

Your Driver,



2 thoughts on “WHO AM I? DMTERESA WHAT?

    1. Hello, firstly, I’d like to sincerely thankyou for visiting my page and leaving me with such a nice encouraging comment.

      I am extremely excited to start this blogging journey and to share my content with others. The world of digital marketing truly is a magnificent and exciting world that keeps evolving. So please, keep watching this space as I will be continuing to do my very best in sharing the world of digital marketing with you all.

      Many Thanks,


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