Now name two items you can’t leave the house with?

Now name three things you can’t live without?

Did ‘phone’ appear as one of your answers to the 2 questions asked?


Now…..what if I told you, starting from next month, you will no longer have access to your phones anymore?

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Hello everyone,

I hope you’ve all been well since our last stop, and hope you’re all refreshed to continue with today’s journey. We’re just about reached the middle of our entire journey I believe. It’s gone quite fast hasn’t it? I mean, there’s that quote that says “time flies when you’re having fun”, and I’m hoping that so far we all have enjoyed the first half of our trip. Do remember that at anytime, you’re more than welcome to provide feedback. You just simply have to leave a comment down below, and let me know you’re thoughts. As I said at the start, it’s my first time being your driver and tour guide, so I am still a beginner at all this, so I would love to hear your thoughts so that I can be a better tour guide for you all.

Alright, now back to business!


As I mentioned before, phones phones phones!!! We can’t leave the house with them can we? Worldwide, 84% of people cannot go a single day without having their phone with them (Duerson, 2012). [Now for those who are interested in wanting to know more about mobile phone consumer statistics, here is the link]


But as a result of our love and addiction towards phones, business are realizing that this is potentially a new method for them to make money $$$……which brings us to today’s topic being….. MOBILE MARKETING ; which is the latest trends for businesses!

So firstly, what is mobile marketing? It is essentially the direct communication with consumers in any place, and at any time through the use of mobile devices. Mobile marketing can allow and provide customers with information and services. (Scharl, Dickinger & Murphy, 2005).

As we speak, there are 7 billion individuals in this world at this moment (August 2016) and with that figure, there are currently 2 billion mobile phone users in the year 2016 (eMarketer, 2014). This number however, is only expected to increase as the years go by. Therefore, businesses are using this to their advantage, by starting to market through mobile. One popular form of mobile marketing is phone applications AKA apps.



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Take the Boost Juice app for example. I’m sure most of us have heard of the app that they have produced called “Free The Fruit”. It’s been that popular that they’ve brought back the app due to so many requests by the public. This app is a good example to display the concept of mobile marketing, as it provides a call to action towards consumers. The app was essentially only planned to run for 4 weeks, however due to the popular demand, the campaign doubled to 8 weeks as a result.



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The game has achieved great success, being the number one free game within the Australian App store. By the second day of its launch, the app has seen more than 6 million minutes of mobile game play. In addition, it received a Gold winner for The Design 100 App Design Wards 2016 (Design 100, 2016).


Boost recognised that in Australia, approximately over 12% of time spent on smartphones is towards mobile gaming, hence decided to jump on the train towards mobile marketing. As a way to connect and engage customers, this app hopes to create a game that isn’t seen as a straight forward method of advertising in consumers eyes, but rather a form of fun and entertainment.


For those who have never come across this game or played it, this short video will be able to answer your questions.


So what are your thoughts on ‘Free The Fruit’?. Do you play the game? Do you think it’s a good way of using mobile marketing? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

And once you’ve done that, it’s time for us to departure on towards the next destination. Until next time,

Your Driver,



PS. For those business’ who are reading this blog post, I’ll share a tip with you’s if you don’t know about it already. There are the 4I’s in mobile social media usage that is useful in entertaining the public when using this form of marketing (Kaplan, 2012). These 4I’s are:

  • Integrate
  • Individualize
  • Involve
  • Initiate


So within the Boost Juice app, we can see that this app utilizes 1 of the 4I’s which is Integrate. The app is designed to fit in with individuals activities, and is not a nuisance to their life. The app provides individuals with chances to win free drinks or vouchers, along with giving individuals a form of entertainment when they are bored.



  1. Hi Teresa,

    Funny post. Love the meme you used. I’m such a fan of Toy Story!

    And yes, I have played Free The Fruit before. I also even won a few prizes too. And wow, looks like the game did great then seeing as they were #1. I did hear from somewhere that they reached #1 as well.

    After reading your post, it really did get me thinking. It was them trying to advertise, however they weren’t being straight forward about it, rather they were quite sneaky I’d say. Thinking about it, on 2 occasions, I wasn’t planning on purchasing a Boost Juice, but because I remembered that I got a voucher from them, I decided to buy a drink.

    Cool post, I learnt something from it!


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