Everything in your life ………… connected to the internet!

The clothes you wear, to your pets, to the everyday objects that we use…..all have sensors in them that allow connection and communication between the two….


IoT, what does it stand for? “It’s only Temporary”? , “In order To”? , “I only Thought”? , nonsense all of those answers are wrong. IoT is the “Internet of Things”.

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Becoming an increasingly growing topic both in the workplace and outside, it’s a concept that has potential to impact how we live, but also how we work (Atzori, Iera & Morabito, 2010).

In brief terms, IoT is connecting devices with an on and off switch to the Internet. You’re still confused and unsure? Let me give you some examples ; washing machines, headphones, lamps, coffee makers and mobile phones. Does that give you a clearer idea now of what IoT essentially is? If not, let’s continue reading on where I talk more about IoT.


You could say that the IoT is like a giant network of connected ‘things’, which can also include people. As a result, IoT allows for endless opportunities and connections to occur (Morgan, 2014). 


By 2020, there may be an estimated 75 billion connected devices to the IoT……….now that’s ALOT of connections (Danova, 2013).



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Nest, owned by Google is potentially one of the most successful IoT companies at the current moment. Nest has connected smoke and CO alarm, a security camera and a smart thermostat which can be controlled from a  simple mobile app, even if you’re on the other side of the world. How it works is it learns how, when and why you turn your heating up or down in accordance with the weather outside, then it starts doing it all for you. Simple as that!


Next, let’s take the Fitbit for example, a device that tracks and monitors our physical activity, and stores the data away in the cloud. Now, what if your car navigator suddenly knew that there was traffic on the route you were taking to work? Ding ding, you got it right, that’s the IoT at work. Or, what if your heating system knew that you were on your way home from work, and started warming up the house to the temperature that you want it at? Correct again, that’s the IoT at work once more (Sung, 2016). Nike has then moved away from just being a shoe brand, to being a socially connected digital fitness service. It’s interesting and amazing isn’t it the IoT? It’s simply about making people’s lives better, and they’re being integrated into our daily lives (Benady, 2014).


So with reading about IoT up there, it all sounds great doesn’t it? But sadly, it’s not always the case. As….the more connected you are, the more hackers there are. Have we all heard about the issue of fitness tracker’s potentially leaking individual’s personal information? If anyone’s missed it, here’s an article that briefly talks about the situation


Now here’s a nice short video that summaries the IoT if you’re still unsure of what the concept of IoT is: “How It Works: Internet of Things”


So, what your thoughts on IoT? Do you feel that it will continue to grow? Can you name any IoT that exist in your world that you’re currently associated with right now? Remember to leave a message in the comment section below to let me know.

Much appreciated,

Your Driver,


PS. Now if I’ve got you hooked on IoT, here’s a link which has heaps of IoT devices for you to discover.



  1. Hey Teresa,

    Your post was really interesting. I’m not a marketing student, so after reading this, I learnt something new. It’s incredibly amazing as to how the world is, where technology is a fascinating tool that can complete so much. By a touch of a button and we can have things working.

    I’d love to come home to a house that is warmed up already for me!

    And yes, I have previously heard about the issue of personal information and the FitBit. Although that is the case, I feel that with everything revolving around technology these days, it’s so much easier for information to be leaked and hacked somehow.

    Anyways, great post.


    1. Hi Theresa,

      I always do enjoy receiving comments from others. It’s also good to hear that come from from a non marketing background as I intend to write my blog posts towards individuals with or without a marketing background.

      The world of technology is incredibly amazing. With everything evolving ever so quickly, sometimes, I feel like I can’t even keep up. It’s just rapidly changing and moving in a blink of an eye.

      The IoT can span to many places including our homes, bodies, communities, goods & services and the environment. As a result, the IoT will see itself progressing between now and 2025.

      And yes, how great would it be to come home to a warm house especially in the cold winter months.

      You also mentioned that since most things are evolved around technology, this increases chances of hacking and leaked leaking. Unfortunately this is true, where our personal information is more inclined to be stolen. However, due to the changing consumer behaviour and habits, we’re turning more lazy and want convenience, hence we have included so much technology in our world and accepted that we have to pay the price in regards to risks of leaked information.

      Thanks for your contribution,
      Kind Regards,


  2. Hey Teresa,

    So basically we live in a world where everything is able to be connected? That seems quite convenient I’d say. You mentioned about ‘Nest’ , now that is a great invention. I’ve never heard of it before though, but I’m keen to do a quick research about it. From a button, you can control the alarm, security camera and even the smart thermostat. It’s amazing what technology this day and age can do.

    I don’t own a FitBit, however I do own an Apple Watch. Would that be considered an IoT seeing as it’s very similar to the FitBit? The IoT sounds like a cool factor, and seeing as we live in a world that heavily relies around technology, I’d say the IoT will continue to grow.

    By the way, the video you included was great, that was very informative. It gave me a really good understanding of IoT! Thank you.


  3. Hi Nhan,

    Yes, with the IoT, it is like we live in a world where everything is connected. It definitely is convenient I’d say. Just like the example I provided, where with a touch of a button, we are able to turn up the heating for our homes, so that when we arrive home, we have a nice warm house to greet us.

    Technology is amazing, and with rapid innovations, we will definitely be seeing new inventions coming through in the near future. So you are correct in the sense that IoT will continue to grow. I came across a recent article which talks about the future of IoT if you’re interested to read.

    Yes, the Apple Watch can be considered as apart of the IoT. The Apple Watch is able to understand our needs. Something new that has risen from the Apple watch is the ‘HealthKit’ and ‘HomeKit’.

    Thanks for commenting by the way, I appreciate your thoughts.


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